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Welcome to My Portfolio

Evan B. Johnson

Hi, my name is Evan Johnson. Welcome to my online portfolio where you can learn about my personal and professional experiences, interests, skills, strengths, and values. I invite you to read my resume and learn about my projects, academic work, blog articlesmusic, and recommendations.


As a certified vocational rehabilitation professional and registered therapeutic counsellor, I blend theory, evidence, and critical thinking with intuition and empathy. I empower people with tools to identify, understand, and solve problems that affect their functioning and quality of life. I partner with individuals and groups to assist people with disabilities, health/medical conditions, illnesses, injuries, impairments, limitations, and barriers to engaging in meaningful activities to achieve personal, career, and independent living goals.


I believe in peoples' potential for growth and change, and their capacity for developing the self-knowledge, resources, and skills needed to cope with challenges in life. My mission is to promote the psychosocial and spiritual health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and organizations.


I have a variety of interests in counselling therapy, creative and expressive arts, social entrepreneurship, healing, health care, medicine, nature and outdoor recreation, policy analysis, psychology, rehabilitation, research, social sciences, sustainability, and more.


I am informed by intuition, traditional knowledge, cultural humility, systems thinking, policy, research, and reflective practice. I feel passionate about supporting the diverse needs and goals of people in Penticton and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

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