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My Academic Work

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Orca Institute

770-hours of courses from the Counselling Skills Diploma program at the Orca Institute:

Counselling Skills I

  • Basic Counselling Skills  (30 hrs.)

  • Clinical Assessment (20 hrs.)

  • Note Taking - Record Keeping (30 hrs.)

Counselling Skills II

  • Abnormal Psychology  (30 hrs.)

  • Ethics in Counselling (30 hrs.)

  • Family Therapy (30 hrs.)


Counselling Skills III

  • DSM-V  (30 hrs.)

  • Group Therapy (30 hrs.)

  • Trauma/Recovery (30 hrs.)

Counselling Skills IV


  • Theory and Practice Group  (30 hrs.)

  • Person-Centred Therapy (30 hrs.)

  • Foundational Ideas (30 hrs.)

Counselling Skills V


  • Cultural Nature of Human Development  (30 hrs.)

  • Gestalt Therapy (30 hrs.)

  • Narrative Therapy (30 hrs.)

Counselling Skills VI

  • Multi-Cultural Counselling, Part 1  (45 hrs.)

  • Multi-Cultural Counselling, Part 2  (45 hrs.)


  • Direct Client Contact (200 hrs.)

  • Group & Individual Supervision (40 hrs.)​​​​

University of British Columbia (UBC) logo

University of British Columbia

Academic work from the Master of Occupational Therapy program at the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy:

Fundamentals of Theory and Practice

Health, Illness, and Occupation I


Practice Skills and Therapeutic Procedures

Professional Practice I

Theory, Practice Skills and Therapeutic Procedures II


  • Biomechanical Assessment and Intervention with Volar Custom Fabricated Resting Hand Splint

Evidence for Practice I: Research Paradigms and Methods


  • Exploring a Young Adult's Experience with a Mental Health Diagnosis

Fieldwork Education I

Fieldwork Education II

  • Reflection on Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Placement at Kelowna General Hospital's Rehabilitation Unit​​

The Evergreen State College Master of Public Administration logo

The Evergreen State College

Academic work from the Master of Public Administration program:

The Context of Public Administration (Economics and Contemporary PA)

  • The Economics of a Property Tax Subsidy: Supporting Home Ownership and Local Food Production

  • Summary and Critique of The Open Mind: Exploring the 6 Patterns of Natural Intelligence

  • Summary and Critique of Public Administration & Society: Critical Issues in American Governance and Mastering Public Administration: From Max Weber to Dwight Waldo

  • Summary and Analysis of the Articles Social Security: From Ponzi Scheme to Shell GamePrivatize the Army Corps of Engineers, and From Bureaucratic Public Administration to Entrepreneurial Public Management

  • Summary and analysis of Mastering Public Administration (from chapters on Herbert A. Simon: A Decision Making Perspective; Dwight Waldo: An Eclectic View of Public Administration; and The Study of Public Administration: Origins, Development, Nature)

  • Climate Change in Washington State: Government’s Role in the Policy and Development of Alternative Fuels​

Budget and Financial Management

Doing Public Administration (Admin and Management)

  • Action Memo to Sound Energy Solutions: Organizational Strategies to Meet Growing Risks and Challenges

  • Action Memo to Washington State Department of Corrections, Sustainability in Prisons Project: Recommendations for the 2009-2010 Strategic Plan and Implementation

  • Action Memo to Washington State Department of Corrections, Sustainability in Prisons Project: Effective Public Management for Sustainable Prison Operations

  • Logic Analysis of Selected Chapters from Mastering Public Administration: From Max Weber to Dwight Waldo

  • Case Study Problem Analysis: Washington State's Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program & Energy Matchmakers Funding

Ethics and Leadership (Ethics and Leadership Theory)

  • Analysis of Leadership Skills, Traits, Behaviors, and Styles: Margaret Thatcher, Cynthia McKinney, and Muhammad Yunus

The Profits of Non-Profits (Sustainable Entrepreneurship)

  • Micro-Ethnography: Campbell Energy in Seattle, Washington

  • Micro-Ethnography: Home Performance Inc. in King County, Washington

  • Business Concept and Feasibility Plan: Capital Energy Building Performance Services

Designing Social Enterprises (Sustainable Entrepreneurship)

  • Business Plan: Capital Sustainability Solutions

Doing Democracy

  • The Latin American Option and Democratic Failure: Questions about Costa Rican Governance, Military Interventions, and Market-Capitalism

  • The Decline of Democracy: Corporate Welfare Unmasked

  • Climate Change Policy: Lobbying for Capitalism or the Environment?

  • Case Study and Memo to 2V/ACT: Organizational Challenges, Options, and Recommendations

  • Case Study and Poster Presentation: The Democracy of Switzerland

Sustainability in Prisons Project (Sustainability Practices in Organizations)

  • Summative Paper: The Natural Step Framework Toward Sustainability

  • Action Memo to Washington State Department of Corrections, Sustainability in Prisons Project: Biodegradable Food Service Products

  • Reflective Paper: Progress in the Sustainability in Prisons Project

  • Waste Data Presentation to Washington State Department of Corrections Superintendents

Project Management

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Ideas, Innovation, and Creativity

  • Case Study: Corporate New Ventures at Proctor and Gamble

  • Case Study: City of Olympia and Zero Waste

  • Environmental Psychology and Community Based Social Marketing for the City of Olympia Zero Waste Plan

Sustainable Leadership and Decision Making

  • Leadership Proposal: A Sustainable Action Map for the Comprehensive Plan for Olympia and the Olympia Growth Area

Analytical Techniques for Public Service (Research Methods)

  • Critique of the Research Design Methods in Black or Blue: Racial Profiling and Representative Bureaucracy

  • Critique of the Research Design Methods in Come and Take a Walk”: Listening to Early Head Start Parents on School-Readiness as a Matter of Child, Family, and Community Health

  • Research Concept Proposal, Focus Group Questions, Ethics & Human Subjects Review, Grant Application, and Audio Transcription, Coding and Theme Patterns

  • Final Research Report on Exploring the Barriers to Environmentally Sustainable Behaviors: Attitudes and Perceptions of City of Olympia Residents

Managing When Differences Matter (Management and Conflict)

  • Conflict Issue Project: Gender and Sex Role Conflicts in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Analytical Techniques for Public Service (Policy, Budget, and Finance)

Running a Successful Non-Profit (Practices of Planning, Implementing, and Operating)

  • Critical Analysis: Volunteers in Psychotherapy

Capstone Project


  • MPA Integration and the Good Therapy Foundation

  • Non-Profit Feasibility and Development Plan: Good Therapy Foundation

  • Capstone Presentation: Good Therapy Foundation​​​

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