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My Recommendations

"Evan was a great asset to our team at VIVRS. Knowing his work ethic and ability to manage his diverse caseload with confidence gave me peace of mind as a manager overseeing the program remotely. Evan also has impeccable organizational skills and I dare say he left files in better state then when he found them — His contributions to the betterment of files and program materials have not gone unnoticed.

Most importantly, I knew our program participants were in good hands with Evan. 
He has a calm, confident and respectful demeaner, which puts people at ease. It was thus no surprise he easily gained the trust of many individuals struggling with multiple barriers to employment, and supported them towards remarkable achievements.

If the opportunity arose, it would be a pleasure to work with Evan again."

- N. Bucknall

Program Manager

Vancouver Island Vocational and Rehabilitation Services Ltd.

"I have had the pleasure to work with Evan as part of my team, as well as to supervise his work. Evan is excellent at working independently and as a team player. Evan is a professional with impeccable work ethic and highly knowledgeable of his field, which often translates into channeling positive changes into the lives of the clients he serves."

- A. Dominguez Guerrero, M.ED, BA, CCDP

Former Executive Director

Vancouver Island Vocational and Rehabilitation Services Ltd.

"Evan is a professional who is dedicated, patient, thorough, knowledgeable and most of all, genuine. His attention to detail has made him a pleasure to collaborate with. It is very apparent that Evan is someone who truly cares about making a difference in the health care field, and in the well being of the people he is helping. Evan's warm, honest and open approach, really makes him an asset to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with Evan in the future and would highly recommend him!"

- S. Fayette

Registered Health Care Assistant

Island Health, Long-Term Care Services

"Evan is so knowledgeable and passionate about his job. What I like about him is how he pays attention to details in a reasonable time. His experience in different health care environments is an asset. Evan is able to establish a good relationship with his clients and his secret is patience. I have been so lucky working with him while he proved he can make a difference."

- A. Mohammadi, B.Sc.(BMET), AScT

Biomedical Engineering Technologist & Founder/Managing Director

Advanced Medical Healthcare Equipment Inc.

"Few people have the opportunity to work with someone who has honed their craft so well. Evan is one of those people who you enjoy working beside. He is a team player, well liked by all, and innovative when it comes to client solutions.


I had the pleasure of working with Evan on several cases. Many times, he was the reason we had so many successes with families and the various community organizations we collaborated with. Evan is the child whisperer. He knows how to reach those who are struggling in their environments and gain their trust easily.


I was particularly impressed with Evan's ability to manage and adapt to varying situations. Many of these cases fell on him and our team; with varying difficult issues and our methods were scrutinized heavily. Evan rose to the occasion on these cases and catapulted them into a working solution for families and the community entities involved. He gave it his all even in times when we all were very stressed and wanted to give up. I will miss his sense of humor, his listening ear, and his positive can do attitude.


Evan is a rare gem and I would highly recommend him for any team or lead."

- J. Wuest, MS, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Military and Family Life Counselor

U.S. Department of Defense Contracts

"Evan demonstrated excellent skills working with families and collaboration with systems of care. Evan was professional and held high work ethics. He also was a team player with great enthusiasm. Such a great contribution."

- K. Kremkau, MSW

Retired Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Manager and Clinical Supervisor

Catholic Community Services of Western Washington

"Evan and I worked together as Case Managers at DSHS, helping elderly and/or disabled clients access long term care services. The job is challenging and involves considerable networking, creative on-the-fly problem solving, patience and the ability to help people navigate a complicated system. Evan was able to do all of those things with grace, a sense of humor, and without losing compassion.


What is most notable about Evan is his ability to find compassion for others even when he is directly challenged. An example is a case involving a local tribal member and tribal supports, who seemed to view Evan with distrust and fear which complicated the work significantly. Evan was challenged with every effort he made to establish rapport. Evan went out of his way to seek consultation about how to work with this particular tribe to ensure success, and didn't express personal frustration with the manner in which he was being treated. Instead, he did everything he could to see where the client was coming from, considered the history of past trauma and the role it may play, etc. in working with this case. Watching him go to this mental place and engage in this way was inspiring and sets the example of how we all can continue to improve in our ability to be client centered.


Evan was an inspiration to our whole team in his constant striving to work from that place. Evan is a man who is full of ideas. State work is challenging, with lots of policy, protocol, and changing requirements. Evan always has an idea to make something better, a suggestion on how a wrinkle in a procedure can be smoothed out, a way to integrate wellness into a chaotic day. And Evan is easy to work with. He always has a smile, always ready to lend an ear or dive into a project when called upon to help. Evan is what I would call 'a good man in a storm."

- J. Horton, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Social Service Specialist 3

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

"Evan is one of the most detail oriented and dedicated people I've ever known. I have never known Evan to fail at completing a task to the best of his ability or to quit when the task becomes too difficult. Evan is extremely mission driven and it makes me feel better about the world to know that people like Evan are focused on improving it."

- S. Hicks, MPA

Business Development Manager


"I first met Evan when he was my student at Evergreen MPA. His intellectual curiosity, social awareness and integrity and incredible good nature immediately struck me. His compassion, empathy and absolute commitment to making our community (big and small) a better place is remarkable and incredibly valuable. A great team player who encourages the best in others, Evan is clearly a wonderful asset anywhere he is involved."

- R. Lehman, JD

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

State of Washington - Office of Administrative Hearings

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